Who We ARe

Our Mission

Sawback Gear is dedicated to inspiring and assisting others with their outdoor adventures. We are all about the fun, excitement and adventures that make memories of a lifetime. We hope that by sharing our experience through tutorials, gear reviews, and the best of the places we travel, others will be motivated to get outside. We believe that by educating and encouraging people to enjoy our precious public lands, we can build a community that will be thoughtful stewards and advocates of the special outdoor places we love, both local and international.

Who we are

Philip and Trevor Long, father and son, have had a lifetime love of the outdoors and the special places in this world to be explored.  They had imagined a place where they could share their experiences with others and from this, Sawback Gear was born.

Through tutorials, reviews and the sharing of their adventures, they look to build a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for the amazing places of the world. Through this sharing, their goal is to encourage a fun and safe experience in the outdoors and to nurture a profound respect and stewardship for these places; to care for the flora, fauna and land, so that generations to come will be able to experience the same awe and joy they have experienced in these wild places.

Our Core Values

Sawback Gear is dedicated to these primary core values:

We Are Members Of, and Proudly Support, These Organizations

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